Fruit And Flowers (Poetry Form 100: Rhymed Sestina)


June 21, 2012 by Sez

So, here we are at post 100
I’ve finished as I started, with a sestina, but this time it’s a rhymed one.
It’s mine and my wife’s fourth wedding anniversary, and the fourth anniversary is apparently the fruit and flowers anniversary. I still don’t know who makes this stuff up…

So, this has been fun. I hope everyone’s enjoyed it!

Our anniversary of fruit and flowers
A strange tradition, different every year
There’s paper, cotton, leather… Love like ours
Needs no materials to prove it, Dear,
For we share food and jokes and friends and showers
Who needs these things to tell us we are near

Each other’s hearts? They can’t even come near!
I know I love you without fruit or flowers
We don’t need strawberries or falling showers
Of petals to remind us, that this year
Our wedding’s four years old and you’re as dear
To me as when I’d known you 20 hours.

Now married nearly forty thousand hours
(Well, give or take – that number’s pretty near)
I might forget, sometimes, to say how dear
You are to me, and so perhaps the flowers
And fruit do serve a purpose, and each year
They make sure that we keep on sharing showers

And sadly, in this world nobody showers
Us with approval for this love of ours
Though things are getting better every year,
And to equality we’re getting near,
Certain receptions, limousines and flowers
Tell us that ‘straight’ is held as far more dear.

So we must celebrate our love, my dear,
Though we don’t need those crazy wedding showers
We have the right to have our fruit and flowers
And tell the world about a love like ours
And say that we are happy to be near
Each other every day of every year

And so, my love, it’s been another year
I hope that you do not regret it, dear!
And as our sixtieth draws ever near-
Er than it was, lets hope that money showers
On us, so when the diamond year is ours
We’ll celebrate with more than fruit and flowers!

I’m glad we’re near each other, and, this year,
I’m glad to give you fruit and flowers, dear
So here’s to mutual showers that last for hours!


One thought on “Fruit And Flowers (Poetry Form 100: Rhymed Sestina)

  1. Happy anniversary. well done on finishing the 100 styles I enjoyed them.

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