(So) Over The Rainbow (Poetry Form 95: Filk)

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June 16, 2012 by Sez

This is a poetry form.
Weird Al Yankovich is a poet.
I bloody love filks.
Apologies to Judy Garland and E.Y. Harburg.
This one is a really depressing one about feeling disillusioned about the struggle for lgbt rights. Sometimes it feels like we’ve gone backwards, out of technicolor and into black and white.

Obviously I don’t always feel this way.
I do right now, though

I’m so over the rainbow
This is why
There’s a future I heard of once, but it’s all a lie.
Was all over the rainbow.
Bright and new
When the dreams of equality
Seemed like they’d come true.

I used to wish upon a star
That homophobia’d be far behind us
That attitudes would start to change
And queer would not seem quite as strange.
They would not mind us.
I’m so over the rainbow
Though some try.
Fighting over the rainbow
Why, then oh why should I?

When crappy little factions try
To own the rainbow
Why oh why should I?


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