To The NHS Cu_ts (Poetry Form 86: Anapestic Tetrameter)

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June 7, 2012 by Sez

All these services, jobs, all this ongoing care
That you cut without warning, though we said “beware!”
You commissioners panicked and let the axe fall
Left the neediest ones with no comfort at all
And you thought we were silly and making a fuss
When we said “You must listen to people like us.
The ones on the ground who go out every day
Giving help and support – we can see there’s a way
We are saving you money – there’s no need for tension
The work that we do saves a pile through prevention.”
But you let the axe fall in a welter of gore
On the people the government loves to ignore
The community groups you said could not be done
For it looked like the members had far too much fun.
You could not see the benefit – you never asked
Of the work that we do, of our ongoing task
So away went the funding and down came the axe
You commissioners patted yourselves on the backs.
And so here we are now, a few months down the line
You commissioners thinking that everything’s fine
Till you look at the books and find to your chagrin
You’ve got more going out than you’ve got going in
As the ones that we helped, out of pure desperation
Try to take their own lives, need hospitalisation
I no longer expect you to shed any tears
When our valued ex-clients succumb to their fears
And so I must say what, so far, stays unsaid.
What’s the price of their stay in a hospital bed?


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