Feeding Time (Poetry Form 68: Luc Bat)

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May 20, 2012 by Sez

Luc Bat is a Vietnamese form which literally means six-eight. So you have alternating lines of six and eight syllables. But there’s also an interlocking rhyme scheme making things horribly difficult.
Hence this isn’t very good at all!
If it were in Vietnamese there would also be a tonal sequence to keep to. Complicated.

He winds himself around
Himself and making no sound he
Leaps with grace to my knee
Wide eyes and pin claws tell me that
It’s time to feed the cat.
I ignore him till he pats my
Face with a soft paw, try
So hard to pretend that I can’t
See, does he think he shan’t
Be fed today? Could I plant such
A thought in him? My touch
Soon tells him that there’s not much chance
Of that. He begins to prance
Around my legs. Feline dancing
Contented little thing!
So I relent and bring out
His food. He gives a shout
Of joy: oh how could he doubt so?
Think I’d ever say no?
His pleasure is profound


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