Lucy (Poetry Form 64: Blank Verse)

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May 16, 2012 by Sez

Well. For poem 64, what better Beatles song to reference than…Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds?
A little memoir, here.

Both friends and neighbours, Lucy M and I,
Two weeks my junior, but at once in charge.
Our parents made the choice. We were a team
When we were two. The pattern was set then.

Flash forward several years. “You know my name?
It’s special, there’s a song for me you know.
The one about the diamonds in the sky?
I am that Lucy. John wrote that for me.”
She told me this in 1986
And I believed, without a cause to doubt.
Her hippy mum might well know Paul and John
(Whom I believed alive and best of chums)
So she belonged in diamond studded skies.
And I was just a worshipper below.
I picture her kaleidoscopic eyes
And wonder if she ever came to earth.


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