"Let Me Tell You Something. You're Not Really A Feminist" (Poetry Form 54: Rondeau)

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May 6, 2012 by Sez

This is a rondeau.
It’s been the hardest so far of this “similarly named poems” portion of our show.
That may be because I used it to let off steam about a conversation I had yesterday. It was actually rather enjoyable, but…damn.

You tell me that I’m not a feminist.
You’re certain that you ‘re right, and you insist
I don’t know my own mind: I probably
Just joined some clique at university
So anything I say can be dismissed.

“Things students learn are useless” is your gist,
And “Headstrong women just like feeling dissed”
Without even a shred of irony
You tell me that?

I feel my hands slowly becoming fists.
I don’t believe that we can co-exist.
By saying that you know better than me
Whether or not I have equality,
You’ve lost this fight, so why do you persist?
You tell me that!


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