Lullaby (Poetry Form 39: Abhanga)

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April 21, 2012 by Sez

This is a Marathi (Indian dialect) poetry form. It seemed quite dreamlike to me, so I took a NaPoWriMo prompt from a couple of days ago to write a lullaby.

Hush now. Hush my darling.
Rest your hot little head
Collapse into your bed
Let sleep take you

Away into dreaming.
Let sleep soothe all away
The troubles of the day
Go exploring

The caverns of your mind
Places you have never been.
Things you believe you’ve seen
Are now transformed

My darling, go to sleep
I know you want to stay
Awake. You want to play.
But now it’s time

To rest your little head
To close your eyes and go
Beyond the world you know
And play in dreams.


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