The Strip Cooperative (Poetry Form 37: Ballad)


April 19, 2012 by Sez

I have a fond ambition
It’s a silly little dream
But when I talk about it
Certain people start to scream

They call it “Stockholm syndrome”
Or “internalized oppression”
So it’s with trepidation that
I now make this confession:

I want to start a strip club
With podiums and poles
Loud music, lots of cocktails.
Yes, you’ve heard of nobler goals

But feminists who hate sex work
I have to say they vex me:
Is working what they think is bad,
Or is it being sexy?

But then again I’m not a fan
Of clubs like spearmint rhino:
For though their club’s for “Gentlemen”
-it’s full of sexist winos

Seattle’s Lusty Lady showed
The way it could be done
How sex workers could be empowered
And stripping could be fun.

But I’ve a different club in mind:
All genders on the stage
As long as they can drink and vote,
They can be any age.

My clients aren’t just “gentlemen”
No gender borders here!
I’ll welcome all, though I suspect
That many will be queer.

But best of all, I have a plan
To keep my clients respectful
They’ll never see my staff as “meat”
Or else they’ll feel regretful

For a raffle number’s printed
On each ticket that we sell
And if you find your number’s up
You’re on the stage as well!

One dancer gets the night off
-You can pay for all their drinks-
And in their place, you strut your stuff
Give sexy little winks.

We first give you a makeover
And paint your lips much pucer
You’ll look like Brad and Janet did
When struck by the transducer.

And when we’ve seen you take it off
We’ll bear you no ill will
Our strippers are your comrades now
You’ll praise their grace and skill

And yes, of course, each Friday night
The management will dance
Accountants, cleaners, front-of-house
We all will get our chance.

I often sit and fantasize
The way my club would run
Not only titillating
But some good, old fashioned fun!

It’s really just a silly dream
It’s probably just me
Who hopes the Strip Cooperative
Could be reality!


One thought on “The Strip Cooperative (Poetry Form 37: Ballad)

  1. Nice idea, haha. I love how whimsical and dreamy the form makes this poem. I’m also surprised at the coincidence of this, but just two days ago I wrote a poem about stripping/strip clubs, and your poem feels like a direct response to it. Really funny how things like that happen. If you’re curious, the poem I’m referring to is here, called A Letter to the Dance Pole ( Nice writing today!

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