Stain (Poetry Form 34: Concrete Poetry)

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April 16, 2012 by Sez

Not my comfort zone, here is a concrete poem. Not sure how poetic it is, but it is surprisingly fun to do.
This is what was happening in our house while we were away. EDIT: Please ignore the underscoring and backslashes. Turns out formatting concrete poetry on WordPress is a nightmare.

_____ __________attic

___________the                crawl
______in                                           space
Somethingvitalhas    rustedthrough

overf l
rises    o
slowly     w
the water    i
And                  n

_____________g onto and
into the eaves,
__________through plaster
and drips

to form damp planets


and coffeestain monsters

which grimace down at me


from the bedroom ceiling


As I stare up, full of dread.


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