Springtime in NJ (Poetry Form Twenty Seven: Renga)


April 9, 2012 by Sez

This is in response to a NaPoWriMo prompt to “go outside” and be inspired. There’s a lot of cherry blossoms outside, which put me in a haiku mood. I like the idea of grouping haiku together, to be read either as a series of poems or as one poem using the separate haiku as stanzas. EDIT! It turns out that doing this is a poetic form discrete from Haiku. Apologies for the confusion: today’s poem is a renga!

Cherry blossoms fall
In a New Jersey suburb.
Nature’s beauty, tamed.

Wild violets grow
In the manicured verges
Where nobody sees.

You are no robin!
You great big overgrown thrush!
Rusty impostor!

“The deer are real pests!”
Grumbles the man whose garden
Invades their forest.


One thought on “Springtime in NJ (Poetry Form Twenty Seven: Renga)

  1. that girl says:

    Love this. Renga is one of my favorite forms.

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