Sestina Day 72: reflections on IDAHO


May 24, 2011 by Sez

Suggested by Cara!
We all went into town to make some noise
And wave our flags, and listen to some speeches
We know that homophobia’s not dead
It’s tough, throughout the world, to be a queer.
And many think they have a right to hate
And persecute the ones who are not straight.

We went to town to set the record straight.
We blew our whistles: made a lot of noise.
To show that we do not accept the hate
They named and shamed those countries, in the speeches,
Which make very dangerous to be queer.
The countries where you may well end up dead

There’s parents who would rather have a dead
Son than a child who wasn’t straight!
Such is the hate you’re facing, if you’re queer.
And so we felt we had to make a noise.
We used the rights we have to make our speeches
For silence just gives power to the hate.

But did we really help to stop the hate?
Will fewer frightened teens, now, end up dead,
Because somebody stood and made some speeches?
Did we convince the narrow minded straight
By waving flags and making lots of noise
That there is nothing wrong with being queer?

Who knows? At least I can be proud and queer
Because I am protected from the hate
So many people bear me. All the noise
We make becomes a signal: we’re not dead.
And all your preaching cannot make us straight
Though many mouths are gagged, there will be speeches!

It is our duty, then, to make our speeches.
We have the right to say that we are queer.
That in this world, not everybody’s straight.
For those who cannot stand against the hate
Knowing that if they did, they’d soon be dead:
For all their sakes, it’s time to make some noise!

And if you’re straight, come: listen to the speeches.
And make some noise, although it might feel queer,
Till hate and homophobia are dead.


2 thoughts on “Sestina Day 72: reflections on IDAHO

  1. I’ll keep this sestina on my hard drive to read when I need the heart to keep on talking. Thanks for articulating so beautifully and powerfully what makes it all so worth doing. Big Love, Kate

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