Sestina Day 64: Locked Out

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May 15, 2011 by Sez

Yes, Day 64 is about half an hour after day 63. Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.
Something I’ve discovered is that in situations where the same words keep getting repeated, such as talking ona mobile phone at ridiculous crossed purposes, it’s very easy to convert a verbatim conversation into a sestina with minimal tweaking. This is what happened last night when we attempted to go to a Eurovision party, and is dedicated to our long-suffering and lovely hostess.

We’re running late. We’ve missed the first two songs. .
Rush from the taxi. “Is it 46?”
“It’s by the off-license: it must be here.
I came last week to see her. I remember.
Go in and get some wine. I’ll let her know
We’re on our way, and she can buzz us in”

We buzz and buzz. It seems like no-one’s in.
Perhaps she cannot hear above the songs.
“Just send a text. Or tweet her: If I know
That girl, she’s online.” “Is it 46?
You’re definitely sure?” “Yes, I remember!
I’m sure this is the place, but no-one’s here!”

We phone her up and hope that she can hear
She answers. “Can you come and let us in?
Your buzzer’s broken.“ “46, remember?”
“Don’t waste our time: we’re missing all the songs!
Of course we know you live at 46!”
We’re buzzing now, and can you hear us? No!”

“I’ll have to come and fetch you, I don’t know
What’s happened to the buzzer, but you’re here
And that’s the main thing. Just try 46
Again. That’s weird. I’ll come and let you in
Although it means I’ll miss one of the songs
It’s only Finland. They were crap, remember?”

What Finland sang last time, I do not know.
We wait and wait. I’m trying to remember.
Our friend has been researching all the songs
We stare in to the lobby. She’s not here!
Why won’t she hurry up and let us in?
But it’s a long way down from 46.

We hear a cry: “No, not that 46!
You’ve got the wrong address: don’t you remember?
I live above the bank! Come in, come in!”
She shouts from down the street. “She’s right, you know.
When I was here before, it wasn’t here,
But by the bank. Let’s go and hear the songs”

We hurry into number 46
To listen to some songs we won’t remember
But we will always know she lives in here.


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